NA DA Company Limited established in 2003.

The founder has been studying on different/various ways of iron material processing,(for examples: lathe, milling machine, drilling machine) since the childhood. With the skills from his family business for carpentry,furniture and decoration, founder has developed special hardware uses on carpentry, furniture and decoration.

Main products:

sliding door hanging pulley, the activities of wall hanging pulley as well as the LCD TV swivel and so on. At the same time NA DA was founded. In order to provide a better life for the end user, NA DA has dedicated itself to the best quality, the best functions, the easiest installment & trouble-free products for carpenters.

Regardless of prosperous or not, NA DA develops at least two to three new products each month to satisfied with market demand. NA DA keeps growing and the product lines are expanding continuously to meet the various demands on the markets.

Because of the innovative products, stable quality and the reasonable prices, NA DA owns 50% market share of the pulley market in Taiwan currently. With all the experiences, NA DA is now ready to enter the global market, to ensure more people enjoy the useful NA DA products.

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